"Here's to the bridge-builders, the hand-holders, the light-bringers, those extraordinary souls wrapped in ordinary lives who quietly weave threads of humanity into an inhumane world. They are the unsung heroes in a world at war with itself. They are the whisperers of hope that peace is possible. Look for them in this present darkness. Light your candle with their flame. And then go. Build bridges. Hold hands. Bring light to a dark and desperate world. Be the hero you are looking for. Peace is possible. It begins with us." L.R. Knost

What We’re About

LightBringers includes all who want to bring more love and light into our world. Our movement welcomes and supports all who want connection with our Creator, the Source of Love, Divine Love we call it. Divine Love transforms our very being and is given to each of us for the asking, either alone or with others. Circles of Light are a way to join others in asking.

Each of us has unique gifts to show love and to help others. We invite you to join us to discover and share your gifts as a way to bring more light to our world through service to our human family.

As our world changes each of us is called to receive and express unconditional Love through service to our brothers and sisters. Living in harmony with Divine Love is the best way to develop our unique gifts and share them with others as a part of our Creator’s plan. Pray with us today!

What Is Going on With the World?

Part of our purpose at LightBringers is to support people through the changes happening in the world. We are seeing a rise in problems and challenges because people’s desires, thoughts, choices and behaviors are not in harmony. At the same time, we see the inability of authorities, governments, social structures, institutions, organizations, and individuals to change and move into harmony. LightBringers can show what’s missing.

These changes are helping us awaken to the truth of our spiritual condition and consider new ways that are in harmony with the spiritual and natural laws that promote life, love, peace, harmony and joy for all.

The LightBringers movement evolved to help all who are struggling during these extraordinary changes to discover what is true and to make adjustments together that will change our world to be magnificent in beauty, truth, and love.

Divine Love is the key to understanding what’s happening and why. We receive the powerful gift of Divine Love, the essence of our Creator, through heartfelt prayer from the depths of our being. Pray by yourself or pray with others so that you may be strengthened to better love and serve those who struggle with the spiritual and material conditions of our world.

Something was missing for me...

"I felt dissatisfaction about life. I did not have the peace or certainty of heaven that I wanted. Something was missing for me. I felt I had too little love for myself and others and that I was sinful. I thought I would end up in hell. So I needed a change and wondered if the internet could offer something.

I searched online and found messages from Jesus that spoke of something called "Divine Love". I followed these teachings about acquiring Divine Love into my soul via prayer, and after a while, I began to realize I was feeling more love, peace, joy, hopefulness, clarity, and a certainty of heaven because of a more spiritual closeness to the Creator."

- Artto, Estonia, Eastern Europe

We invite you to join our family to share the love of our Creator

Pure Love - Divine Love - unites all of us. Through that love, we connect with our Creator, God, the Source. That love is the highest power in the universe and with it we enjoy blessings of all kinds.

By sharing our love, stories and experiences with an accepting and supportive spiritual family, we can heal ourselves and grow and add love to the world. We come from around the globe to support each other on our unique individual spiritual journeys in a place where all can find safety, connection, peace, and spiritual upliftment along with opportunities to learn and serve.

You are Loved !

God loves you beyond imagining !

Welcome to a site that can introduce you to people who know that God loves us all.

You are perfect as you are !

All of God's creations were birthed in Perfect Love !
Explore more to learn all about this perfect divine love !

All are Loved !

I am Loved !

I am loved simply and deeply loved by God, Yahweh, Creator, Allah, Source, the One, Great Spirit, etc.

He created me and keeps me alive. I am special because I am the only me in the world. In the whole universe, I am the only me! Only I can do what I was created to do.

I Love !

I love. Love is the very best feeling I have. It takes many words to tell about my love and I can get lost in the talking.

This I know: Love surrounds me, comes to me, goes out from me. I want to have it all the time.

The Way Is Simple

The way to experience Divine Love is so simple:
  1. 1. Ask
  2. 2. Love
  3. 3. Repeat
Ask for Divine Love by simply desiring the Divine Love of your Heavenly Parent. Love is merely doing your best to love all of the time. Repeat the process to express your desire for union with the Source of All in Divine Love again and again.

That's it! These three steps give you peace and purpose and welcome you into your heavenly family!

What's Next?

Ask for Divine Love from the deepest part of your being. Do your best to love yourself and others. Ask for Divine Love again and again and again...

If you would like to get to know others who are walking this spiritual path, there are different ways to connect and learn with us.

Where to Start

Ask for Divine Love

Circles of Light

Learning and Service