Why Divine Love

Many people believe that all love is the same. Those who have experienced Love directly from the Source, know that this Essence that we call Divine Love is qualitatively different from the love that forms our original nature as created beings. Its power and frequency are far beyond any of the natural energies that exist as a part of creation. Divine Love is an uncreated energy which means that it has no beginning and no end, making it eternal.

The Creator’s Essence is Unconditional Divine Love. This Love is different from what we call "natural love" because it is part of the nature and essence of The Source. One major difference between natural love and Divine Love is that natural love can change over time, but Divine Love never changes its nature, qualities, or characteristics. Divine Love is the ultimate energy in the universe. It’s capable of changing a natural being into a divine entity along with a host of other blessings.

Repeatedly asking for Divine Love is the way to union with our Heavenly Parent. The more we allow Divine Love to come into our souls, the more of every good thing we experience. Divine Love awakens the gifts within our souls so that we may become more powerful instruments of blessing in service. Divine Love is the gift that gives every other gift, those we can imagine and those that are beyond our ability to conceive.

Soul Transformation - Why it is Important !

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