Next Step - Ask for Divine Love

Receiving Divine Love is simple. Yearn for Divine Love from the deepest part of your being and you will receive it. Divine Love comes to us according to law which you can test for yourself through repeated practice. Receiving Divine Love once is wonderful-- receiving it all of the time is our goal. Link to "The Experiment".

Another way to ask for Divine Love is through prayer. Prayer for Divine Love is not about speaking words, following scripts, applying formulas, taking body positions, or doing rituals. Prayer for Divine Live is simply the expression of your deepest desire for the best that God can give you through words, thoughts or feelings. The best gift that God can give us is Divine Love. Instead of giving us a blood transfusion for our benefit, God transfuses the Essence of God’s Own Being (Divine Love) into our core self, what we also call the soul.

There is no one right way to ask for Divine Love. Each person is unique and each person’s way of asking for Divine Love is unique as well.

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