Divine Love Compared to Natural Love

Beth Bleaden, UK, 15 October 2021

I’m only a newcomer to DL but my perspective on the two loves, Natural and Divine, is that receiving Divine Love changes us so that we are able to love more like God, regularly and unconditionally, because we are doing it in His strength and name, using His Essence. We also need to pray daily for this love so that our reserves are ‘topped up’, we are able to stay on this path, develop a relationship with God and so continue to share His gift of unconditional Love with others. As we become filled with His Love there is no room in our souls for that which is not His Love and we are able to let go of all the unloving actions and thoughts which have been part of our past. The more our souls know His Love the more we can see God’s purposes and perceive what he wants for us.

Natural Love I understand to be the love God puts in our souls so we can relate to and help others, the highest being a mother’s love for her child. But this love is conditional unlike Divine Love and as we journey through life it can be lost or changed in a way God’s Essence is never lost or changed.

When we transition into the world of spirit, there is much work to be done if we follow the Natural Love path because we have to re-examine all our actions and work to ensure we get rid of the unloving thoughts and actions we had whilst on earth by experiencing them again. The Natural Love Path can take us no further than the Sixth Sphere where we have purified our souls and live in harmony with others who have also followed the Natural Love path.

However, if we follow the Divine Love path we are ensured of immortality because the path to God never ends. Jesus is still on this path and is the nearest to God. Our unloving thoughts and actions are removed by God (expiation) as we grow in his Love and our souls continue to be filled with His love as we continue to ask for it on earth or in spirit. When we are in spirit we carry on using His Love by helping others who are trying to get further along their own paths. Each soul has to ask for this help to receive it.

The path of Divine Love takes us through all the spheres as we seek at-onement with God up to the Seventh Sphere. The next move is into the Celestial Heavens where we become one of God’s angels and continue to serve Him by doing God’s work wherever we are sent. This path takes great commitment which is why most souls take the Natural Love path.

I think it’s difficult to know the difference between Natural Love and Divine Love here on earth but I have become aware I’ve changed and that others react to me differently. I am less judgmental and react less to situations I would have found stressful in the past. I’m also creating more situations where I spend time with others. I believe this is Divine Love working in me.