Divine Love Resource Guide

This Resource Guide includes known Divine Love and related websites, blogs, videos, podcasts, Facebook groups and pages, and forums. It also lists authors of books relating to the Divine Love path, services utilizing and/or promoting Divine Love information, as well as prayer/discussion/worship groups. For non-English speakers, there is a listing of translations of some of the messages into Spanish, French, German, Norwegian and Portuguese.

The order of entries is somewhat arbitrary, except that sites created by the same individuals are kept together if in the same category. While merit has been seen by the author in the inclusions on this listing, total accuracy or truthfulness of any of them cannot be vouched for. Therefore each individual needs to discern for themselves what resonates with them and what doesn’t.

The reference was originally compiled by Rev. Eva Peck, minister and trustee of FCDT, in October 2014 with several updates made since that time, usually at the start of each calendar year. The list was initially created by checking the links on the FCDT website, then checking the links on those websites, and so on.

Since the initial compilation, the list has grown considerably as new Divine Love ministries have been started and some previously existing ones discovered. Growth especially occurred in the area of YouTubes, podcasts, Facebook groups, and published books. From its first version of three pages, the Guide is now over four times its original length. From about sixty entries, it has grown to almost 200. It is encouraging to see the truths of the Divine Love being available in so many ways.

Each link has been checked at the time of updating and should be working. It is, however, possible that as time goes on, domains are changed or discontinued, or sites which should be included are not. If you find something in error, please email Eva or leave a comment at the Divine Love Sanctuary Forum to request corrections or additions.

If you have a list of Divine Love links on your blog or website, you may like to consider expanding it by including some of the links here, or even the whole list. This way, the Divine Love message may reach yet more people, which is what we all desire.

Trusting that this Resource Guide will be helpful to those on the Divine Love path and those who are yet to find it. With our individualities and different personalities, each site, blog, Facebook page, YouTube ministry, podcast, book, or service presents a unique perspective and what doesn’t resonate with one person may resonate with another and be just the thing to open their heart/mind to the truth of the Divine Love.

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